I started a discord for Black artist who won the Schoolsim BLM Scholarship myself included! In my four years at art school I was the ONLY black person in each and everyone of my art classes. To make matters worse I was also 1 or 3 black artist in the whole art program at my school. For years I yearned for a community and place where I could meet and mingle with other black artist and the place is here and now! I hope to learn and grow as an artist! Let me know if you would like to join!!!

I did a secret santa drawing of a friend of mine. She is a beautiful cosplayer and a fantastic persona to talk to! @ neon_gray_seme

Ever since I was little I wanted to fly. Even now i still dream about doing it but when you have no money dreams get crushed real easily. All I know is, someday i will walk the streets of Berlin. That will be the first place I go on my journey around the world. Someday…

Progress of the Jello Fish Painting. This little piece was inspired by the fact that I stupidly enough use to think that jello came from Jelly fish. It was partially Spongebob’s fault but when I went to a jellyfish aquarium for the first time as a child I was heart broken to find out that all they really did was sting you. I miss believing in magic…=)

A little Illustration inspired by a tale from my past. When I was a little girl, before my three baby sisters were born, I had to play traditional “girl games” with my brother. Dress up, Tea time. My brother was a good sport about it too. He never complained and would dress up in the cutest outfits with me. But eventual my dad made him stop because he was afraid of what might “happen to him”. Father’s right? This made little Leah horribly upset and lonely. So one day I asked my brother to play with me anyway and my dad caught us. But to our surprise, he did not get mad or upset. He joined in. It was one of the happiest moments of my childhood.

Trollhunters fanart for a fun giveaway I did on my Instagram. This was a fun way to play with procreate instead of photoshop

Mood studies for the piece

Process and concept work for this illustration

The @LightBoxExpo volunteer group made little mascots for our group. These were mine. We designed fireflies because we called ourselves the fireflies!!!
#lightboxexpo #characterdesign

I’ll be at table 14. Stop by and say hi!

I am reworking the design for the Main character of my children’s book.

Beautiful Rainbow Girl

Concept art for My project the Greedy Piggy. Its on its way to becoming a complete children’s book

I am taking on the challenge of drawings all 472 animal crossing characters.

I well be at titan con this Sunday with my friend selling some goodies! Stop by to say hi.

New Business card

A Art print to celebrate into the spiderverse winning the Oscar!


Working on a new page for my children’s book, The Greedy Piggy

Work in Progress of Cinderella