Character Design

Character designs for my children’s book and Whimsical World of Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent along with concept art for up and coming Disney princess film Sade.

Redesigns of the main character Staci for my Children's book Project, The Greedy Piggy as well as some other characters

Main Character Staci for my Children’s Book “The Greedy Piggy”, first design

Visual Development work for a personal project about sisters, Hazel x Maeva

Fabulous Frank. Another Children's book idea about a stylish BOY who finds a fabulous skirt and wears it to school!

Playing with a concept for a Little Witch girl for a Web Comic I am developing, Enchanted Elfi

Disney Sade Concept Art Blue based on the Yoruba Tribe. This take on her was the more free spirited one and a medium to many African spirits known as Orisha.

Disney Sade Concept Art Red based on the Himba tribe. This take on her was more of a battle princess like the all female warriors of west Africa

Disney Sade Concept Art Yellow based on the Chad Tribe. This take on her was more quiet and reserved who’s only friends were her father and animal pals.

Dogs for a SCBWI Contest!

Concept art for “The Fox and the Grapes” Comic

Concept Art for Whimsical World

Concept Art for Whimsical World